Kasam : Will Tanuja & Rishi Reconcile?
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Previously on the show, Netra planned to take advantage of the situation at the hotel after the victory with the project to get close to Rishi. Tanuja came to the hotel to meet Rishi and congratulated him, much to Rishi’s surprise. Rishi, still upset, asked her why was she happy if she lost the project. Tanuja reassured him that she was genuinely happy.




Rishi demanded his 20% share back by rule. Tanuja tried to reason with him but Rishi told her that she made his mom work. Tanuja tried to tell him that she did it for Rano’s health and was about to speak about Divya when Rishi interrupted. Back in the room, Netra tried to seduce Rishi by getting him drunk. Rishi stopped Netra’s advances and told her that she is not his wife. Netra said that she soon will be.




In the coming episodes, we will see how Rishi and Netra are in the room and get unexpected visitors. Rishi, still upset with Tanuja’s action tries to push her away although with much hesitation. Purab tries to hit on Netra. Rishi gets a call from Oberoi who reveals some disappointing news for which Rishi gets frustrated and blames Tanuja.




How is Tanuja going to deal with this? Will things go back to normal for Tanuja and Rishi?



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