Keith Sequeria leaves Bigg Boss midway, and it’s a sad exit!
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  • November 6, 2015
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Keith Sequeria, who had been the most righteous player in Bigg Boss season 9 had to make an emergency exit from the house. Last evening, while everything was going hunky dory in the house, he got a message from Bigg Boss that there was a family emergency and his folks needed him back home. 

Rochelle looked quite steady and strong while seeing him off, however tension on their (Keith and Rochelle) faces was quite evident. After coming out of the house, he got to know that his younger brother, Ian had passed away. 

“In light of the untimely passing of  Keith's beloved younger brother, the Sequeira family requests everyone to grant them privacy to mourn their extreme loss. Ian Sequeira was a beacon of light in their lives and was deeply loved by his family and friends. The Sequeira family graciously accepts all condolences in these testing times” 

May force be with the Sequeria family during this difficult time.

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