Kesari agrees to marry Jawahar?
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This week, when Sitara comes and asks Kesari to get ready for the ceremony, she gets disturbed. She is unable to come to terms with a guy coming to see her. On meeting Jawahar, she feels very awkward as all the flashes of his bad behaviour come back to her. She is uneasy throughout due to which Tripti asks her to leave. This annoys Hanumant and he calls for Kesari. When he confronts her, he tells her that she will be forgiven only if she accepts this alliance. He makes her realize that this situation came up because of her. The guilt kills Kesari and she succumbs to the pressure.


Later, we see everyone prepping for the celebrations. Amidst this, Kesari and Jagat share an emotional moment. Madhavi then comes in and takes Kesari to get ready for the tikka ceremony. By now, even the guests have started coming in. Before the ceremony, Jawahar misbehaves with Hanumant. Unable to see this, Kesri slaps him and everyone is shocked.

What happens next? Will Hanumant support Kesari? Tune in Kesari Nandan from Monday to Friday at 8:30 pm.






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