Kesari: An inspiration today, tomorrow and forever!
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  • June 11, 2019
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She's dedicated and determined. She's fearless and fierce. She's a go-getter and an ultimate risk-taker. Little Kesari is on a mission to prove herself and emerge victoriously! She's challenging mindsets one day at a time and it's nothing but inspiring. Here's listing a few qualities of Kesari that has won our hearts over and over again.


  1. As you know, the show revolves around an endearing story of a girl who is positive and is on a mission to conquer a male dominating wrestling world. The passion to achieve the same is something that never fails to give you gooseflesh.
  2. She's full of energy and is all set to go the extra mile to make her dream come true.
  3. Kesari never hesitates in speaking her mind out. If she has the conviction, there’s no looking back for her.
  4. Kesari is synonymous to the term perseverance and hustle. As per her, giving her 100% to everything in the journey is the key to becoming successful.
  5. Kesari strives for the best and doesn’t believe in compromising on anything, be it changing her identity to attend school, going against the society to learn wrestling or just challenging the mindset of the society she lives in.
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