Khushi finally pays for all her sins! (Weekly Review: 23rd-29th Jan)
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After Roli shocked the family by asking Siddhant for a divorce, the whole family was shocked but managed to rally around Siddhant for support. Simar, refusing to believe that Roli was wrong, was guided by Maa Durga who advised her to look around for help. Struck by this realization, Simar tricked Mausiji into revealing their plan of using Veeru to win against Khushi. Simar broke down on hearing about Roli’s sacrifice, and decided to confront her.

Roli, on the other hand, warned Veeru that she would not be with him till Khushi signed the property papers. Simar confronted Roli, and wanted to tell everything to the family to make them forgive Roli. But to ensure the success of their plan, Mausiji stopped Simar just in time. The next day, Roli was disheartened as Siddhant left for his 3 day conference without saying good-bye to her but Simar consoled her, saying that in a few days, all would be well.

As the day of Makar Sankranti dawned, Khushi tried to humiliate the Bharadwaj family by arranging for a grand festival celebration. Veeru panicked when Khushi insisted on reading the papers before signing them, but handled the situation by angrily snatching the papers away from Khushi. 

The Bharadwaj family did a Sankranti puja with their limited means, and after much debate, Mataji decided to include Roli in the ritual

Khushi, on the other hand, arranged for a grand puja and charity for poor children for the occasion, but was annoyed when the kids didn’t allow her to sign the papers that Veeru gave her. As the family gathered on the terrace for kite flying, Veeru threatened Khushi that he would leave the house, which finally pushed Khushi to sign the papers. Roli praised Veeru for this, but demanded that Khushi be humiliated publicly before being thrown out of the house

Unaware of this development, Khushi was warning the Bharadwaj family that she would kick them out of the house if they didn’t listen to her. But instead of taking Khushi’s side, Veeru revealed that the house finally belonged to him and asked her to leave the house. Khushi was further shocked when Veeru showed her the papers that she had signed. Inspite of all this, Khushi refused to leave the house, so the whole Bharadwaj family gladly stepped in to make her leave.

Mausiji even went to the extent of throwing Khushi’s luggage out and pushing her out. When her pleas didn’t work, Khushi grabbed Anjali and threatened Simar that she would take the baby with her and make her live on the streets. But this plan, too, was foiled as Veeru revealed that Khushi had handed over Anjali’s legal rights to Simar when she signed the property papers. Even after this shock, Khushi refused to hand over the baby to Simar. This is when Mataji slapped her and made Khushi return the baby. Mataji also directed Khushi out of the house, and seeing Mataji angry, Khushi had no option but to back off

Now with Khushi alone and cornered, Bharadwaj family has scored their first victory. Now let’s see when Roli manages to defeat Veeru and complete her mission!

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