Khushi’s lies to be exposed in Sasural Simar Ka!
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The Bhardwaj family has been facing Khushi's conspiracies since the time she came to the household. She has gone to the extent of being the surrogate mother of Simar and Prem's child to gain re-entry into the house. And now that she has succeeded, she can pretty much do anything that she wills by threatening to hurt Simar's unborn baby.

But not anymore. Khushi will soon be exposed in front of the Bhardwaj family. Khushi recently went a little too far in her greed by trying to steal the ornaments offered to Ganpati Bappa. Simar and Roli did manage to catch her red-handed and return the ornaments to their rightful place, but Khushi shows no signs of remorse and has warned Simar to watch out for her next trick.

Don't worry people, the good news is that Khushi's dirty tricks will be exposed soon on the show. In the next few days, you will see her confessing to stealing the ornaments in front of Ganpati Bappa, and this revelation will come as a big shock to everyone in the family.

As expected, Mataji will be furious at Khushi for trying to sully the family's name, and the rest of the elders too, will disapprove of her act. 

But if you think that this is the end of Khushi's story, you are mistaken. As usual, Khushi will have a trick up her sleeve. And this time, it is Veeru. This thief masquerading as a driver in the Bhardwaj household will be blamed by Khushi for all her heinous acts.She will convince her in-laws that Veeru has been blackmailing her at every step and forcing her to comply.

That's another time that Khushi has saved herself from being punished for her bad deeds. You'll have to wait and watch to see if Simar and Roli, with the help of Ganpati Bappa of course, are able to get rid of their vengeful sister in law once and for all.

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