King Kong comes to Jhalak!
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  • September 7, 2012
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  • 3:16 pm

Bharti has been a true sport on Jhalak. We all know that her choreographer-partner Savio has experimented more with Bharti's look and style than the dance. Smart! we must say, but this time looks like Bharti got him to experiment with himself.

From a beggar kid to kabootar, Bharti has surely taken a long flight in Jhalak and this weekSavio will be seen dressed like a gorilla who falls in love with a girl and they get married. What happens next is what we will leave it for the episode.

But, for now we can only tell you that both Bharti and Savio were so involved and into the characters that it had tears streaming down the judges' eyes. Don't miss yet another impactful performance by Bharti and Savio on saturday at 9pm.

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