Kritika in trouble again?
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  • May 23, 2018
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This week on Kasam, we see Kritika and Ranbir getting into an argument yet again as she returns the money and note he gave stating that the amount is for her mental treatment. Between this banter, they never fail to feel a connect between each other! In the course of events, Ashok follows Jiya when she steps out to run a few errands. When he sees her entering a lonely lane, he tries to sexually harass her. Just when Jiya tries to escape from there, she bumps into Kritika who saves her and gets Ashok to apologize publicly. While he apologizes to her, he also threatens Kritika saying that she’ll have to pay for this.


Jiya gets the permission to work and Kritika gets the job she has been working for. Meanwhile, Ranbir comes to know of the ownership of the bungalow and decides to take the matter into his own hands. Ashok in the meantime tries to take his revenge from Kritika but is shocked when all the girls chase him away! But it doesn’t end here, Ashok kidnaps Kritika and takes her to the warehouse! She tries to fight him back and run away but his men follow her. Will Kritika escape or get caught? Stay tuned to find out what happens on Kasam next!




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