Kya hain koi Raghu jaisa?
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Meet Raghu, a Bombay guy by heart and soul. He lives with his mother and sister currently. He is known to be uber protective about his family and if we have to go by his interests, he’s someone who loves Bollywood but has no focused ambition in life as such. He is full of love for his mother and can go to any extent to see a smile on her a face and a twinkle in her eye!





Raghu can be the life of a party and is capable of making everyone have a good time. Surrounded by people almost all the time, he can also be a friend to you for life. Let’s just say that it’s imperative to be good to him because don ko impressed rakhna padhta hai!





Raghu is a go-getter and there’s no looking back then. Once he has the conviction to do something or get something he has set his eyes on, he’s on it and then strives to accomplish the same come what may.

Raghu is a fearless chap and no one other than his mother can stop him from doing anything. He is confident about his moves and one that’s one quality that sets him apart from the rest.





Raghu is synonymous to impulsive! He is someone who doesn’t think a lot before he decides to do something. He is full of energy and is always on the lookout for opportunities.


Well let’s just say, it’s difficult to dislike him and very easy to love him. Tune in to Gathbandhan from Monday to Friday at 9 pm to see more of the one and only Raghu!





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