Laado – Veerpur Ki Mardaani: A new beginning in Anushka’s life.
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Seems like destiny has something really nice in store for Anushka, after the immense struggle she went through in the past. As she begins a new chapter in her life very soon on Laado – Veerpur Ki Mardaani!


But before that, this week watch Rantej and Malhari plot against Anushka once again. This time the mother-son duo tries to prove in front of all that Anushka is a witch with the help of a Baba (Godman).






Initially her gang members refuse to believe it but Malhari tactfully manipulates them. The Baba eventually gets successful in proving Anushka as a witch; you must watch the episodes to know how that happens!





Villagers run behind Anushka to kill her and there comes Yuvraj as her shield. But before anything could happen Rantej shoots Yuvraj.  There comes an emotional moment after that where we see Yuvraj asking Anushka to make a promise!



What is the promise all about? And what is in store for Anushka after this? Watch her new beginning on 23rd March. Click here for more.





Watch on Laado – Veerpur Ki Mardaani Mon-Fri at 9:30 PM.

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