Laado – Veerpur Ki Mardaani: Rantej and his men get harshly punished this week!
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This week on Laado – Veerpur Ki Mardaani, Anushka comes up with a new plan to teach a lesson to Rantej and his brothers, who have who have terrorized the women of Veerpur.





Anushka introduces Dr.Vishal to her gang members saying he is the one who would help them deal with Rantej and his men. She smartly plots against them with the help of Trisha.



Trisha calls up Rantej and asks him to meet her.  Simultaneously, she also sends letters to Ranbir and Tej asking them to meet her. The trick works and Ranbir and Tej reach the spot unaware of Anushka’s plans.  Anushka then manages to drug them and Dr. Vishal performs surgery on the unconscious men.





Once Rantej and his brothers regain their consciousness they realize that something is wrong with their bodies. It is then revealed that they have lost their ‘mardaangi.’Rantej immediately reaches out to the doctor for help but is shocked to find out that his situation is irreversible.





Anushka feels really happy seeing them all suffer.


Want to know what happens next?


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