Love-Hate and jealousy in the Bigg Boss House
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  • October 14, 2012
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There is something really 'Alag' about this show in this season. While, people  are so much in control of themselves that they are willing to let go off petty issues, yet One week in to the show and we already see the bitchy nails coming out.Much to our surprise, it is the rather patient and happy-go-lucky housemate Delnaaz, who is expressing her miff against her ex husband, Rajeev Paul to their common friend Aashka Goradia. 

As Salman pointed out on last Jumme ki raat that Rajeev is getting too touchy-feely with Aashka, it wastoo close for comfort for Delnaaz’s liking and it resulted in her expressing the same to Aashka. Delnaaz was heard saying that Rajeev does tries to touch Aashka more than natural and too often, which does not look good for him, especially when he does all this infront of his ex-wife! Delnzza did try to explain this to him and ellaborating on this, she said everytime she explains this to him, he thinks that she is getting jealous and takes it as an encouragement. In today's episode, Delnaaz tries to make Aashka understand that she should speak to Rajeev and make him understand that it will hamper his reputation and nor will Aashka’s boyfriend appreciate it!

With the vehemence that Delnaaz is trying make Aashka speak with Rajeev, it makes us wonder if she really is concerned or is she like Rajeev said.. jealous!


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