Madhu proves her love for RK #Madhubala Weekly Update – 29th Apr to 4th May
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The week began with RK and Madhu on their date. While RK was flirting with a fan, Madhu went on stage and invited him for a dance. Both share a close and romantic moment while dancing on Mar Jawa but Sultan enters the hotel and is uncomfortable on seeing the duo dancing close. Watch their passionate performance in this video. 

Madhu asks RK if he knew Sultan was going to be here and he blames her for playing games with him. He takes her to the terrace and says that if she really loves him she wouldn’t mind giving up her life for him. RK mocks her feelings and is about to leave when Madhu starts to walk backwards and jumps off. Watch as Madhu proves her for RK in an extreme manner.

RK yells out Madhu’s name and rushes to grab her. He manages to pull her up and once she’s safe shouts on her for even attempting to do such a thing. She asks if this proves her love and RK becomes emotional. Watch as RK is convinced of Madhu’s love and begs her to not leave him.

Dipali plans to steal Sultan’s number from Padmini’s mobile and convinces Radha to start afresh with Madhu’s family. She, Radha and Sikky go to Madhu’s house and on the pretext of getting water, Dipali goes to the kitchen and notes down Sultan’s number from the phone. Watch as Dipali plans to spoil Madhu’s revenge.

Next morning, RK spreads out flowers around Madhu’s bed and when she wakes up apologizes to her for asking her to prove her love. He says he trusts her completely now and gives her a gift to show his love. Watch as RK feels sorry for not believing Madhu.

Dipali advises Radha to keep a puja at home only for married women and in this way they could welcome back Madhu. Radha likes the idea a lot and immediately gets down to do preparations. Dipali taunts Madhu that she can lie to all in family but not to her God and challenges her to come to the puja. Madhu’s conscience hurts while sitting in the puja and she accidentally puts off the fire in the havankund. Watch this entire sequence here.

Radha is put off by the outcome of the puja and Dipali tries to instigate her more. She comments on how Madhu has been behaving weird since she has returned and doesn’t feel like she loves RK. Radha chides her for even thinking like that but later questions Madhu if she’s hiding something. When Madhu doesn’t answer, Radha feels upset and finally RK intervenes to sort out matter between saas-bahu. Watch their conversation in this video.

Aryan waits for Sultan to return and when he comes back wishes him for his birthday. He also gifts him a card and shows him the biscuit cake he made for him. Sultan gladly accepts everything and they share a cute moment. Watch Sultan’s birthday celebrations here.

Madhu plans to throw a party at home and call all of Radha’s friends. On Sikky’s suggestion, the theme is kept Bollywood. Radha, Dipali, Sikky and Madhu go to the market to shop for party and Sultan and Aryan are also present in the same mall. While alone Aryan spots Madhu and runs to meet her. He tells her it is Sultan’s birthday and when Madhu wishes him Dipali sees her and tries to point it out to Radha. Watch if Dipali succeeds in revealing Madhu’s plan.

Dipali makes Sikky follow Sultan and give him an invitation card to the party. Sikky pretends to be Madhu’s card and hands over the card to Sultan. Watch as Dipali manages to invite Sultan for the party.

Will Sultan accept the invitation and show up at the party and if yes how will RK react to this? Keep watching this space for more updates!


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