Madhu shelters Sultan in her chawl #Madhubala Weekly Update – 25th Mar to 30th Mar
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The week began with Kaka asking Madhu to remove the bullet from Sultan’s shoulder. At first, Madhu couldn’t manage to gather the wits to do the task but after chanting her mantra and with Aryan’s support, Madhu succeeded in pulling out the bullet. Watch here to know how Madhu saved Sultan’s life.

Sultan remembers the time when Aryan was born and how his wife had commented that she will like to name him Aryan and wishes for him to be a copy of his father. Bittuji goes to look for Madhu in the chawl but is told by Padmini that she is out. Bittuji then informs the same to RK who wonders if his ex-wife is with Sultan. Watch as Sultan remembers his wife.

Madhu makes some tea and offers it to Sultan. On seeing his hesitation she takes the first sip to prove no poison is mixed and requests him to show a little trust. Sultan then tells her how he doesn’t believe in the word trust and knows for a fact that no one in this world is trustworthy. He wants to teach his son to only believe in himself and not others since this world is too cruel. Madhu agrees with him and states that she knows the feeling of betrayal but hopes that Aryan would learn to live positively. When she asks him about Aryan’s mother, Sultan walks off. Watch as Sultan and Madhu share the same feeling of betrayal.

Radhaji visits Padmini at her home and asks if everything is alright with Madhu since she has not been reporting on sets. Padmini assures her that all is fine and questions her intentions on such an enquiry. Radhaji, in a roundabout way, tries to find out about Sultan and Padmini feels appalled and asks her to mind her son first. Watch this sequence right here.

Even after Sultan’s disapproval, Madhu goes out to make a call but some goons come and show her a picture of Sultan and inquire about him. Madhu gets scared and tries to mislead their search. She rushes to inform Sultan about the same and somehow they manage to escape from the hideout. Watch their escape in this video.

Madhu returns home much to Padmini and Trishna’s relief, but in the middle of the night she is shown taking some food to another room where she has given shelter to Sultan, Aryan and Kaka. But unfortunately, Trishna and Padmini catch Madhu and ask her to explain her actions. Madhu tries to convince her mother to let sultan stay but she doesn’t budge and is unable to understand why Madhu would want to help a gangster. Watch as Sultan tries to explain his background to Padmini.

Next day, Madhu takes Aryan to the sets and there while looking for water, Aryan trips and breaks the studio lighting. The director shouts on him and calls him handicapped. At that moment, Sultan enters the studio and hangs the director by his leg and warns him to never call his son handicapped. He then takes Aryan and leaves and the producer blames Madhu for the damage and asks her to pay. Watch as Sultan turns extra protective for his son.

RK is shown painting Madhu’s portrait and he feels frustrated. He imagines Madhu in front of him and asks her how she could move on so soon in life. He demands her to tell him who Sultan is and if she loves him. RK admits to be in still in love with Madhu and wonders if she feels that way for Sultan and in frustration breaks all the things around. Watch as RK feels anguished on thinking about Madhu and requests her to not leave him.

How will RK react when he comes to know that Madhu has kept Sultan in the chawl and will the police catch Sultan? Watch as RK returns in Madhu’s life right here!

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