Madhubala gears up for more intense drama
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  • September 17, 2012
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Since the beginning of their marriage, RK-Madhu have had some very hot and cold moments. Sometimes he has treated his better half like a servant at home and a spot on sets.

But story did take a big turn when Madhu saved RK from coming under an unscrewed light equipment. She willingly took the fall and hurt her hand, here we got to see RK's soft side when he immediately called a doctor to help her. Later in the 24 hour challenge, Madhu did get an edge over RK as she made him apologise to her mother. Every time she came close to seeing a subtle version of RK, the hero turned cold and did something to darken the situation.

Recently too, in the party sequence RK made her the center of attention and then shamelessly asked her to serve drinks. We saw Madhu bereave the humiliation with grace but RK didn't stop there. He pulled Madhu close and asked her to dance with him. Here all you RK-Madhu fans saw the sizzling chemistry between them which we keep repeatedly talking about! He came close to kiss her and just left her like that. Oh the sadness!

Poor Madhu couldn't bear the humiliation for long and left the party in a haste. Later in the show we would see RK's mother shouting on him for his shameful stunt and making him feel guilty. Our hero does have a heart because he would go around looking for Madhu and will be informed by Bittuji that his wife is in the studio. When he will go to meet her there, both will get locked inside and Madhu will faint. there are going to be some very intimate and soothing scenes between the two where RK will be seen taking care of Madhu in that state. We. just. Can't. Wait!

Till then why don't you relieve the party sequence here?

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