Main dulhan banna chahti hoon!
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Whenever you ask an actress her relationship status, or her plans to get married, the answer is almost always- 'I don'thave a special someone in my life', and 'I haven't really thought about marriage.' And then there is Sreejita De, aka Mukta of Uttaran.Contrary to the ambitious and headstrong character that she plays on screen, Sreejita is pretty homely and wishes to get married as soon as possible!

Sreejita De, as per her own confession, is ready and set to get married. The only problem? She hasn't found the perfect guy to spend the rest of her life with. Sreejita gushes,”I wish I meet my future husband, partner, soulmate soon. I would love to get married at the earliest. If my mom agrees to get me married, I'll be ready to get married the next day.” Talk about being ready for marriage. But Sreejita says that she wasn't always like this. Her strong feelings about matrimony are pretty recent. “I've never been like this since childhood. But I recently turned 22 and thought that it's about time that I settle down.”

And after listening to Sreejita's wedding plans, we're sure that the only thing keeping her from getting married is the absence of a groom. About her wedding plans, she says, “I'd love to have two weddings, one a traditional Bengali wedding with a Bengali saree, and another white wedding with a wedding gown.” Dream on Sreejita!

So even if she doesn't have any plans of getting married anytime soon, but she sure wishes that she becomes a bride soon. We're not sure if all her fans will be happy with the end of her singledom, but we wish her all the best for sure!


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