Maiyya wants Akash to kill Meethi #Uttaran Weekly Update – 26th Apr to 1st May
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In the beginning of the week we saw Rathore and Jogi in Maiyya’s haveli enquiring about Akash. Agarth and Nirbhay convince them that the guy in the photo isn’t from Aatishgarh but before they leave Meethi enters the room. Watch here to know if Meethi meets Rathore and Jogi.

In the haveli, the family has gathered to mourn on the thirteenth day of Ichcha’s death. While the puja is going on, Nani and Tapasya return and notice the number of people waiting. Curious to know what’s happening, Tapasya enters and sees Ichcha’s photo with a garland and is shocked. Watch as Tapasya comes to know of Ichcha’s death.

Tapasya goes in a state of shock and in a delirium state imagines talking to Ichcha who requests her to take care of both the daughters. When Tapasya regains consciousness, Damini informs her that the heart beating inside is of Ichcha. Watch Tapasya’s reaction in this video.

In Maiyya’s haveli they discuss the chances of Meethi’s family finding the truth. Maiyya calls Akash and asks him to kill Meethi as soon as possible. When he tries to object, Maiyya cuts her hand and decides him to choose between her and Meethi. Watch here to know who Akash chooses.

Akash is confused by Maiyya’s request and doesn’t know what to do. His inner soul puts him in more conflict and puts pressure on him to decide. In frustration, Akash cries his heart out. Watch as he is unable to decide what to do next.

Tapasya asks everyone for Meethi but no one gives her a straight answer. Eventually Mukta decides to tell her mother everything but Rathore and Jogi reach at that moment. In a moment of truth, Jogi confesses that Akash is a fraud and Meethi missing. Watch as family goes through another moment of pain.

Akash informs Meethi that they are leaving and returning to her home. Excited, she starts to pack immediately and when Kajri comes to meet her they share an emotional moment. While passing by the kitchen, Kajri overhears Gomti talking to Pavitra on Maiyya’s plan to kill Meethi and feels sacred. Watch this sequence right here.

Veer comes to Thakur haveli and lashes out at Jogi and Rathore. He blames them on not being bothered about Meethi and when Rathroe tries to explain he asks him to back off. Damini tries to calm Veer and he breaks down completely. He cries to have lost his wife and daughter and feels helpless. Watch as Veer goes through emotional trauma.

Will Akash follow his mother’s instructions and kill Meethi or will her love and trust over him win over? Keep watching this space for more updates!

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