Mannara Chopra and Abhishek Kumar face Salman Khan’s wrath on ‘Shukravaar Ka Vaar’
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  • December 11, 2023
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Scorching hot sparks fly in this episode of ‘BIGG BOSS’ that arrives at ‘Shukravaar Ka Vaar’, exposing the gameplay of many contestants. Mannara Chopra is on the receiving end of the host’s verbal lashing for prioritising her makeup over ‘Shukravaar Ka Vaar’. He points out her disrespectful behaviour towards other contestants as well. The once-appreciated Mannara, popular for her entertainment quotient, suffers the host’s blitzkrieg of reality checks. He asserts that she’s not getting away with being the pampered princess, who just takes and never gives back anymore. The megastar doesn’t hold back while giving Munawar an earful for taking it upon himself to school Mannara on a few matters. Will this vaar change the camaraderie that Munawar and Mannara shared until now?

The vaar gets intense as the Dabangg host goes ballistic on Abhishek Kumar sternly warning him about making the same old mistakes and assuming that he’s on the track to finale just by being aggressive. The host remarks that if there were an award for the most fake and opportunistic contestant, Abhishek would win it. The megastar even dared Abhishek to talk to him the same way he did to Aishwarya Sharma during the ration distribution. He doesn’t spare Abhishek for airing personal information of his former flame Isha Malviya to cause her embarrassment. Moreover, he exposes Abhishek’s pattern of showing aggression and crying about it later. Will Abhishek finally mend his ways and bring some reality into his game?

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