Mauli walks out of the house!
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  • June 11, 2019
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This week starts with an emotional turmoil on Silsila where Mauli is heartbroken and confronts Kunal. Leaving the house for a brief period of time, we see Kunal bumping into Rajdeep’s car who then beats him up. Nandini is seen coming to Kunal’s rescue and takes him home. Radhika is shocked to see Kunal in that state and, simultaneously also blames Nandini for destroying everybody’s lives. Mauli comes out devastated and confronts Nandini too.






When Jyoti, Mauli's mother, learns about what has happened, she comes and creates a havoc, and also blames Mauli for everything. Nandini is trying to reach Kunal and prays for Mauli. Going forward, we see Mauli taking care of Kunal. On getting tea for him, she overhears him speaking with Nandini. This leads to a big showdown where we see Mauli packing her bags and announcing that she cannot stay with Kunal anymore!







What does this lead to? Stay tuned to Silsila Badallte Rishton Ka at a new time from Monday to Friday at 11 pm.

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