Meethi faces reality #Uttaran Weekly Update – 23rd May to 29th May
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The week began with Meethi returning home. Jogi Thakur and family wait in anticipation and when she steps out of the car, all welcome her warmly. Everyone is happy to see Meethi back and try avoiding Ichcha’s topic. Watch Meethi’s reunion with family in this video.

Nirbhay brings an injured Akash home and Maiyya is shocked to see him in that condition. She questions Nirbhay if Akash killed Meethi and he replies in positive. Everybody suggests taking Akash to the hospital but Maiyya rejects the idea and sits next to him. Watch as Akash returns home.

Meethi desperately searches for Ichcha but doesn’t find her. Rathore and Tapasya call her in a room where she sees Ichcha’s photo adorned with a garland. She goes in a state of shock and Tapasya helps her out. They both explain all that happened in the past and how Ichcha gave her heart to Tapasya before dying. Watch as Ichcha breaks down on hearing her mother’s sad news.

Veer comes to meet Meethi and is happy to see her. He promises to be there for her and Tapasya asks her to feel her mother’s heart in her. All try to make Meethi feel better and come together in this time of grief. Watch this sequence right here. (Hyperlink)


Akash gains consciousness for a bit and utters Meethi’s name. This shocks everyone, especially Maiyya. Gomti taunts Maiyya on how he only loves Meethi but gets punished for her words. Agarth Mama doubts he killed Meethi but Maiyya dismisses all notions and asks Nirbhay to take Akash to his room. Watch as Maiyya starts doubting Akash.

Meethi’s inner voice prompts her to forget all that happened and only remember that she Meethi, daughter of Veer and Ichcha and doesn’t know Akash. Meethi feels hurt by remembering all those moments spent with him and in frustration tears her wedding picture and throws away her mangalsutra. Watch as Ichcha accepts her fate.

Tapasya and Rathore about Surbhi’s involvement in the plan and Kanha overhears this confession. He is unable to accept that his wife could do such a thing and tells everyone it’s a lie. Watch as Kanha realizes that his relationship with Surbhi was a sham.

Surbhi finds the letter written by Akash to Meethi and reads it out to everyone. All are stunned to know about Akash’s change of heart and blame Maiyya to have spoiled all their lives. They crib about how they devoted their life to help Maiyya gain revenge but her own son left her for a girl. Watch as Maiyya is unable to accept Akash’s deceit.

In the morning, Akash gains consciousness and finds Maiyya in his room. She asks him if he manage to kill Meethi before Rathore and Tapasya found them but he evades the questions. Maiyya insists to know the whole truth and finally in a moment of weakness Akash asks for forgiveness and accepts he couldn’t kill her. Watch as Maiyya disowns Akash as her son.

Will Maiyya now take revenge from Tapasya and family and what is next for Meethi? Keep watching this space for more updates!

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