Meethi gets ill-treated by her in-laws #Uttaran Weekly Update – 14th Mar to 21st Mar
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The week began with Meethi’s muh-dikhai rasam in the haveli. She is brought down by the two maasis and when Maiyya lifts her veil, she gets frustrated seeing her sindoor and eventually throws water on Meethi’s face. Everyone is shocked at the turn of events, especially Meethi, but Maiyya assures her that it’s part of the rituals. Watch Meethi’s shocking muh-dikhai right here!

In the hospital, everyone waits for the Tapasya’s operation to get over but the doctor comes out and says he needs to stop the surgery in the middle. He clarifies that Tapasya’s condition is critical and doing anything now could risk her life. Watch as the family worries for Tapasya’s safety.

The real Vishnu once again tries to get in touch with Mukta but Nani answers her call and assumes him to be Akash and shouts on him for not contacting anyone from Switzerland. Vishnu gets confused and tries to clarify but Surbhi takes away the phone. She later calls him again from Mukta’s phone and he asks her to pass a message to Mukta that he can meet in Malad. Watch as Surabhi tries to fish out information from the real Vishnu.

Guruma visits Maiyya and family and Meethi is taken to meet her. On seeing the new bahu, Guruma predicts that she could cause an early death to Akash and asks her to wash the Shivling before sunset by removing water from the well and to do this barefoot. Akash pretends to be hurt by the idea but Meethi decides to complete this task on her own. Watch as Akash’s family test Meethi.

Vishnu waits for Mukta in a café but Surbhi reaches there with another girl. She approaches Vishnu and introduces herself as Mukta and tells him that she only wanted to meet him for a college project. Vishnu is disappointed to hear this but when he asks for the name of Ichcha’s school, the girl falters and Surabhi enters to save the situation. Watch as Surabhi fools Vishnu in order to get rid of him.

Gomti opens the locked room and shouts on someone for making noise. She hands in a plate of food and a girl with purple bangles takes the plate. When Gomti comes out she finds Meethi around who is shocked to see the room open and tells Gomti how Maiyya had asked her not to visit this side of the haveli as the breeze here makes too much noise. While having this conversation, Meethi notices a shadow on the other side of the door and is scared to her wits. Watch as Meethi gets scared living in the haveli.

Doctors allow Rathore to visit Tapasya and he goes in with a heavy heart. She wakes up and tries to have a conversation with Rathore. He complains her of troubling him and was scared he would lose her. Tapasya tries to cheer him up and asks him to not be upset with her. Mukta too enters and apologizes to her mother but while talking Tapasya’s condition becomes worse. Watch as the Rathore family share an emotional moment in this video.

Preparations to make pickles and spices begin in the haveli and Maiyya asks Meethi to join in. She tries to cut a mango but Maiyya reprimands her for not doing it properly. She helps Meethi cut the mangoes but the latter ends up cutting her finger. While Meethi winces in pain, he in-laws look on and enjoy the moment. Watch this entire sequence right here.

Will Meethi stay in the haveli for long and will the doctors manage to save Tapasya’s life? Take a sneak peek into the upcoming episodes right here!


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