Meethi saves Akash’s life #Uttaran Weekly Update 9th May to 15th May
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In the beginning of the week we saw how Akash got bitten by a snake and Meethi rushes to help him. Looking at his deteriorating condition, she takes it on herself to save him and takes out all the poison. Watch as Meethi puts her life in danger for Akash.

Next morning Akash wakes up and finds Meethi lying unconscious a few steps away. He realizes the risk she took to save him and frantically starts looking for help. Suddenly he sees Maiyya standing in front of him and she asks as to why he is trying to save the enemy. Akash confesses he owes his life to her and will not let anything happen to her. Watch their conversation in this video.

Damini thinks about Ichcha and wonders why God is taking their test. At that moment, Tapasya enters and tries to cheer her up. She gives her Ichcha and hers piggy bank and asks her to stay strong for her daughter. Even Divya asks Damini to have patience and not to lose hope. Watch as Tapasya tries to bring a smile on Damini’s face.

Kajri manages to get a chance to step out of the house and tags along with Pavitra. In the market, she convinces Pavitra to take a beauty massage and runs off to the nearby PCO. She quickly calls at Meethi’s house and Tapasya answers. Kajri tells her to save Meethi before it’s too late but unfortunately Surbhi hears the conversation from the other end. Watch Surbhi’s reaction in this video.

Damini is sitting in the temple when Kanha asks her to take rest. She gets irritated at this and explains how all just keep telling her to stay patient but haven’t even found Meethi yet. She has always lost people in life and can’t bear to lose Meethi. Watch as Damini loses all her patience and vents it out in front of Kanha.

Akash goes to the hospital to look for a doctor and sees his and Meethi’s picture in the newspaper. He catches hold of a nurse and explains Meethi’s condition. When the doctor gets ready to leave, Akash kidnaps him and requests him to come away with him quietly. Watch this sequence right here.

Kajri and Pavitra return from the market and Maiyya yells on the two. Nirbhay questions his wife and when she tries to lie he slaps her. Maiyya blames Pavitra for the mistake but Nirbhay puts the blame on Kajri and starts hitting her with a whip. Watch as Nirbhay physically tortures his wife.

Surbhi gets call from an unknown number and the lady on call claims to know her real identity. The lady warns her that her game is up and promises to unveil her true face soon. Surbhi gets scared and wonders who the caller could be. Watch as someone tries to threaten Surbhi.

After the call Surbhi worries about being caught and starts packing. She lies to Kanha about going to see a friend and decides to run away to Aatishgarh. The entire family comes to bid her goodbye and she finds everyone’s behavior suspicious. Watch as Surbhi tries to figure her blackmailer.

Doctor checks on Meethi and gives her an injection to revive. He leaves the house with a note of warning to Akash to take better care of her. Once in hospital, he notices the picture in the newspaper and immediately calls the police to inform. Watch this sequence right here.

Akash decides to call Maiyya and goes to a nearby PCO. Maiyya is happy to hear his voice and questions him if something is wrong. He lies that he lost the way in the jungle and would need more time to complete the task. She thinks that something is wrong and doesn’t believe him. Watch their conversation in this video.

Will the police nab Akash before he safely leaves Meethi in Mumbai and who is blackmailing Surbhi? Keep watching this space for more updates!


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