Meethi takes Akash’s test #Uttaran Weekly Update 25th July to 31st July
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The week began with the Tridev Maha Sangam episode wherein Rathore and Akash help Jai from Sanskaar to find his wife Bhoomi. Akash works shifts at night and buys a pair of anklets for Meethi’s birthday but is held up by goons to who try to mug him. In order to save his wife’s gift, Akash fights with the goons and Jai and Rathore join into help. The three then proceed to save Bhoomi. Watch the Tridev special sequence right here.

Next morning, Mukta and family surprise Meethi early morning and wish her for her birthday. She accepts everyone’s wishes graciously while Akash stands at door by himself. He too attempts to wish her but his wishes go unnoticed. Watch as Meethi finds Akash’s gift in her room.

Tapasya calls Vishnu to her room and discusses about Meethi with him. She tells him how Ichcha actually wanted Meethi to marry the Vishnu she raised in jail and instead she got married to Akash. Vishnu expresses how he feels responsible for Meethi’s pain and wishes he could have helped her earlier. Watch as Vishnu promises to take care of Meethi.

Akash is disheartened to see Meethi throw away his gift and his sadness is noticed by Rathore. He advises him to not lose hope and while they’re talking they’re joined in by Jogi Thakur. He informs Rathore about Akash’s night shifts and his efforts to win Meethi over. Akash is happy to know that Jogi Thakur is impressed by him and promises to win over Meethi soon. Watch as Jogi Thakur joins in Akash’s side.

Vishnu and Mukta are worried about who cancelled the cake for the party when Meethi takes the onus for it. She orders Akash to make the food and cake for her party and challenges him to complete the tasks or else leave home immediately. Watch as Akash accepts Meethi’s challenge.

Akash is heart broken to see his cake burnt in the oven. Mukta offers to help but he refuses hoping to do complete the challenge honestly. Mukta asks him to be practical and orders a cake fro ma bakery and tells him to serve it in party. Watch as Mukta helps Akash at the last moment.

While everyone enjoys the food and cake in party, Meethi finds it suspicious and goes looking around in kitchen for evidence. She finally finds the burnt piece of cake and the bakery bill and comes out yelling at Akash. Watch as Meethi asks Akash to leave.

Rathore tries to support Akash and asks Meethi to give him a chance to explain. But Meethi doesn’t listen to anyone and requests Jogi to ask Akash to leave. Mukta then confesses her mistake and takes the blame for ordering the cake. She too defends Akash and explains how he cooked everything in 3 hrs and since his cake got burnt she ordered one from out. When Meethi still doesn’t soften, Rathore puts out Akash’s hands showing everyone the sore marks he got by working late nights. Watch as Meethi comes to know the story about Akash’s gift.

Tapasya objects Rathore supporting Akash and he blames her for pinning their fights on Akash. He asks her to be fair and look at matter objectively but in a rude tone Tapasya asks him to not interfere in family matters. Watch their argument in this video.

Mukta goes to Meethi’s room to apologize but the latter doesn’t accept her apology. Meethi feels betrayed by Mukta’s actions and exclaims that she will not accept her to support her in future. Mukta tries to explain her stand but Meethi doesn’t give her a chance and asks to be left alone. Watch this sequence right here.

Mukta goes to meet Vishnu who is busy writing something on laptop. She asks him if he’s busy and in a rather unnerved tone Vishnu asks her to leave. Irritated she leaves the room but then it’s shown that Vishnu is actually trying to write a love letter/email to Mukta and is worried what to write exactly. Watch as Vishnu and Mukta exchange love notes.

Will Meethi give Akash another chance and where will Mukta and Vishnu’s romance lead to? Keep watching this space for more updates!

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