Meethi’s painful welcome into Akash’s family #Uttaran Weekly Update – 1st Mar to 6th Mar
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The week began with Meethi enquiring about Aatishgarh from a couple she meets on the way. Before they could reveal the truth to her, Akash takes Meethi away and they once again set out for the haveli. Watch as Akash saves the situation at the end moment.

After Mukta declines to go home with Jogi Thakur and Veer, the two request Rathore to talk to her. But he too says no and complains how nobody believed Mukta when she was trying to help Meethi. Jogi pleads him to understand the situation but Rathore stays adamant and refuses to talk Mukta into returning home. Watch their conversation in this video.

Meethi and Akash finally reach Aatishgarh. Manjiri Jiji informs Maiyya about their arrival and the latter rushes to see them from the terrace. Grihpravesh ceremony begins and Meethi is made to dip her feet in alta not knowing that pieces of glass are mixed in it. She ends up hurting herself and Maiyya feels satisfied. Watch as Akash’s family inflict their first torture on Meethi.

Akash’s family pretend to worry about Meethi’s wound and Maiyya puts haldi on her feet to heal the wounds. Akash apologizes for the mess but Meethi asks him to forget about it. Later Meethi is taken to her room and while she’s in bathroom, Pavitra steals her earrings. Watch this entire sequence right here.

Rathore makes a call to the travel agency in order to find out Meethi and Akash’s whereabouts. He questions whether they boarded the flight to Switzerland and gets an answer in affirmative. This puts Rathore and Mukta into a dilemma and they wonder what is Akash’s real motive. Watch their conversation in this video. 

While getting ready Meethi thinks about calling her family but is disappointed to find no network around. Pavitra then enters the room and praises Meethi’s hair which makes her blush and she blurts about her being as same as Ichcha. When Maiyya hears about this she rues about the time when she was made to cut her hair after her husband’s death. In flashback, she remembers the time she had sworn to take revenge from Ichcha because of whom she lost everything. Watch as Maiyya takes an oath to destroy Ichcha.

Meethi asks Agarth Mama to predict her future and while sitting with him Maiyya comes from behind with the intention of chopping her hair. With revenge on her mind, Maiyya steps forward but stops herself at the last moment. At the moment, Akash enters and says that he has informed Jogi Thakur and Veer about their safety via email. When Mukta gets to know about the mail, she wonders what Akash is up to and is sure that the mail was sent so their location couldn’t be tracked. Watch as Mukta tries to figure Akash’s plan

Will Mukta and Rathore manage to uncover the truth and to what extent will Akash’s family torture Meethi? Keep watching this space to know more!

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