Megha and Mohan unite for Addu! Na Bole Tum-2 Weekly Recap 10th- 16th April
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Megha regretted accusing Mohan over Addu’s torn picture when she saw that he had taped it during the night. During breakfast, Megha narrated her life story to Rimjhim in the form of a ‘tota-maina’ story, which blamed Mohan for Addu’s disappearance. (Watch as Megha tells Rimjhim her story) Mohan tried explaining how he felt for Addu but Megha shocked him by reminding him about his second marriage. Guru then revealed that he had lied about Mohan’s second marriage to keep both of them from getting hurt. (Watch as Megha discovers Mohan’s truth)

Renu saw Mohan and Megha come to Juna Mohalla together, and assumed that Megha had spent the night with Mohan instead of the sick student. Rimjhim, while bidding farewell to Megha, made Mohan promise that he would find Megha’s son. 

In the police station, Nanhi identified the real kidnapper inspite of the threat to Beera’s life, and was relieved to find that Beera was alright. (Watch as Beera is reunited with Nanhi) But Nanhi was shocked when the kidnapper questioned Beera about being identified even after Beera’s promise, and was convinced that she had seen the kidnapper with Daddaji, which Beera refused to believe. 

Munna, who was following Nanhi, stepped forward to stab her, but stabbed his own hand instead when he realized that she was Nanhi. (Watch as Munna almost stabs Nanhi)

Back at Megha’s house, she defended Mohan in front of Renu and revealed that Rimjhim was Mohan’s adopted daughter, surprising the whole family. (Watch as Megha defends Mohan)

Nanhi suspected Beera’s intentions as the tapes which had Daddaji’s footage went suspiciously missing and confronted him about it, but Beera managed to defend himself for the time being. (Watch the confrontation here)

Rimjhim’s health became a cause of concern for both Megha and Mohan, and the two had a sweet fight over it. (Watch as Mohan and Megha argue over Rimjhim) But Megha’s good cheer disappeared as Munna called her and asked her to take Nanhi off Project Talaash.

When a worried Megha asked Nanhi to quit her job, she came to know that Mohan had started Project Talaash, and promised to try giving Mohan another chance. (Watch as Nanhi convinces Megha)

The next day, Megha received a parcel containing Addu’s muffler and a letter, which made her frantic to look for her son. She rushed to Mohan’s office, where Mohan and Nanhi decided to track Addu to Jhansi, the source of the letter. (Watch as Mohan reassures Megha about Addu) As Nanhi and Mohan were busy tracking the evidence, Megha rushed out of the office, where Munna, dressed as a taxi driver, swapped phones with and warned Mohan that Megha’s life was in danger. 

Mohan rushed off after Megha in the direction of Jhansi, while Munna questioned Megha over her son in the taxi. (Watch as Megha answers Munna’s questions

Will Munna harm Megha and Mohan in their quest for Addu? Or will they find what they were looking for in Jhansi? 

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