Megha becomes Yashoda for Rimjhim
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After a not-so-auspicious start, Rimjhim and Megha's student-teacher relationship in Na Bole Tum… is finally showing signs of thawing. After Megha surprised Rimjhim with a Krishna outfit for the Annual Day, she changed her decision of going back to Bhopal, atleast till after the function. And now, Rimjhim is doing her best to be a perfect Kanha in the performance. 

Now, we know that one of the biggest reasons that Rimjhim is excited about the performance is because she'll get to experience a mother's love through Yashoda and Krishna. And co-incidentally, Megha is going to play the part of Yashoda in the performance!

Megha will be seen dressed as Yashoda, and will perform with Rimjhim and the other students.

Speaking about this 'different' experience, Aakanksha Singh (Megha) said, “Yes, we recently shot for a sequence where I am performing with the kids. I was wearing an outfit with a very mythological feel, so it was good as a change. The way we practised and performed gave us a feeling as if we were really participating in a school's Annual Day!”

Elaborating about the performance, she said, “This was more of emoting than a dance performance. But the biggest surprise for me was the song that was chosen. I won't reveal what the song is, as I want the audience to be surprised, but when I first heard the song, I thought a Yashoda-Kanha dance can't be picturized on this. In the end, I realized that it was a perfect fit!”

Well, we certainly want to watch Megha's Yashoda act. But since Mohan is the Chief Guest of the Annual Day, we ask Aakanksha before signing off if Mohan and Megha will finally meet this time. Aakanksha laughs before answering, “What's the point if I reveal everything? I know the audience has been waiting for us to meet, but let the suspense remain for a little while longer.”

You certainly know how to keep your audiences hooked, Aakanksha. Guess there is no option but to wait and watch what happens on the show today.

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