Mika Singh comes to Dashrath Chawl!
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  • June 10, 2019
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This week on Gathbandhan, while the Holika dahan is going on, Raghu goes to apologize to Mahendra. Back in the training center, Dhanak’s seniors find pictures of her serving alcohol in her mooh dikhayi ceremony to dons, especially to Bablu bhai who is the most-wanted criminal. How will her peers react to this?

Later, Raghu and Dhanak are seen performing the Holi puja when Raghu learns something. He has the good intentions of sorting it out and is on his way to do the same. Will he be successful in his mission? On the day of Holi, Savitri plans to make Dhanak have thandai. She has mixed bhaang in it which makes Dhanak tipsy in front of the guests. The event even witnesses Mika Singh! You don’t want to miss the fun, right?


Tune in to Gathbandhan from Monday to Friday at 9 pm to know what happens next!

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