Mohan and Megha rekindle their hopes! Na Bole Tum-2 Weekly Recap: 24th-30th April
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At the hospital, Mohan and Megha were shattered when the Dean told them that Addu had passed away after his treatment failed. Megha couldn’t believe that Addu was gone and started looking for him in the hospital as Mohan tried to pacify her. (Watch the heart rending scene here)

Munna, who was following the family, was very happy to see Megha crying for Addu and was convinced that Addu’s memory would separate Mohan and Megha. Beera thought that something was fishy and wanted to investigate further. When Mohan and Megha left for Indore, Beera found another clue that Addu’s story was false, and set out to investigate with Navika. (Watch as Navika gets her hopes back)

Beera and Navika found that the Kashiram who they met earlier was fake. Encouraged by this, they went to the cycle repair man and the newspaper vendor who had told them about Addu’s hardships, and found out that both of them had been paid to lie about Addu.

Beera then asked Ragini about Addu, but she didn’t reveal anything about him, but helped Beera realize that he had seen Addu when he had come to Jhansi.

Back in Indore, Mohan was inconsolable when he reached home, and both Rimjhim and Guru were worried as he was blaming himself for Addu’s death. (Click here to watch Mohan grieving over Addu)

Guru and Rimjhim went to Megha’s house, where Guru requested Megha to meet Mohan, who was in a terrible condition. Megha agreed and consoled Mohan, who was convinced that he was at fault in Addu’s death. (Watch as Megha calms Mohan down)

Munna, after being informed by Ragini about Beera tracking Addu, went to the hospital where Addu was supposedly admitted, and bumped off the Dean before Beera and Navika could talk to him. (Watch as Munna succeeds in his deadly plan)

After seeing Mohan grieve for Addu, Megha realized that he loved Addu as a son, and was also convinced that Addu was alive as she could feel his presence.

Beera and Navika shared their investigation details with Mohan, and Mohan was happy to know that Addu was still alive and decided to track Addu through his friend. The trio returned to Vyas house, where they met the whole family along with Guru and Rimjhim, who were already there. Mohan took Megha to their old house, and told her the good news about Addu, and both of them rekindled hopes of reuniting their entire family. (Watch as Mohan and Megha revisit their old life

Navika found out that Rimjhim was Mohan’s daughter and was upset that she was not informed about it earlier. On the other hand, everyone praised Beera for unearthing Addu’s truth but Beera shocked everyone by announcing that he was leaving Vyas house. (Watch the moment here)

With Mohan on Munna’s trail, is it only a matter of time before he finds Addu? Or does Munna have another trick up his sleeve?

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