Mohan and Megha to find out that Addu is dead!
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Since the time Megha got Addu’s muffler in the mail, Mohan and Megha have found new hopes of finding Addu. The couple also set aside their differences and rushed to Jhansi to look for their lost son. And after many obstacles, mostly put in place by Munna, they reached Shiv Krupa Bhojnalay, which was Addu’s last known location. 

Even though they successfully followed the trail, they were met only with bad news as they discovered that Addu went through a lot of pain and hardships while working as a labourer in the eatery. Not just that, Kashiram also revealed to the family that Addu did not want to return home as he was unhappy with Mohan’s behaviour.

All this information, though heartbreaking for Megha and Mohan, is no match for what’s in store for them. After finding out that Addu was admitted to a hospital by his friend after contacting pneumonia, Mohan and Megha, accompanied by Nanhi and Beera, visit the hospital to track Addu’s whereabouts. And it is here that they’ll find out that Addu didn’t survive the bout of pneumonia and died at the hospital!

Needless to say, this news will shatter Mohan and Megha’s hopes of finding their son after 12 years. Not just that, it will also destroy the relationship that Megha and Mohan had re-discovered after 12 years. 

Talking about this sequence, Aakanksha Singh (Megha), says, “It was indeed a huge shock for Megha that she lost Addu after hoping to meet him. While doing the scene, I myself felt the emotions that Megha might have gone through, that of losing a child.”

Well, this news certainly comes as a shocker to people who were looking for a happy family reunion with Addu.  But we can also tell you that Beera will not believe the news, and will continue to look for Addu in Jhansi, even after Mohan and Megha have lost all hopes of meeting their son. So you can still hope for a miracle!

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