Mohan and Megha’s search ends with bad news! Na Bole Tum Weekly Recap 17th-23rd April
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Munna, in the disguise of a taxi driver, kidnapped Megha, who panicked when he didn’t stop at a PCO to make a call. But when the taxi stopped at a barricade, Megha jumped out and was rescued by Mohan in the nick of time. (Watch as Mohan saves Megha)

Nanhi declared that she didn’t trust Beera, and left for Jhansi alone to look for Addu, but met Beera in the bus, leading to an argument between the two. 

While on the way to Jhansi, Mohan told Rimjhim that he was going to search for Megha’s son, which made Rimjhim and Guru very happy. But just then, Munna shot at Mohan’s car, making him crash into a tree. He also tried to run Mohan over with his taxi, but was saved by Megha. (Watch as Munna fails in his attempt to kill Mohan)

Guru and Rimjhim met Bela Jiji in the Juna mohalla mandir, where all of them prayed that the family reunites. 

Mohan escaped Munna by taking a dirt road towards their destination, but Munna, too, found out their whereabouts by calling Rimjhim under the pretext of returning Megha’s phone.  During dinner at the dhaba, Mohan and Megha had a heart to heart conversation about Addu, which dissolved Megha’s misunderstanding to a certain extent. (Watch as Mohan and Megha connect after 12 years)

But when it started raining, Mohan and Megha were forced to take shelter in a shady hotel, where Megha told Mohan about Addu’s lies. But when they realized that the owner of the hotel was recording them, they had to spend the night in Mohan’s car, where Megha dreamt of a happy future with Mohan.

In the morning, Munna made another attempt to kill Mohan by sending an out of control truck towards his car, but Mohan was saved by Beera who stopped the truck just in time. (Watch the thrilling scene here) Nanhi apologized for following Mohan and Megha without informing them, and Munna, who was watching this scene from afar, seethed in anger on seeing the family together.

Bela jiji was making preparations for Addu’s arrival, but Renu asked her to stop the celebration, as  Addu would never accept Mohan as his father. Mohan, Megha, Nanhi and Beera reached Jhansi and met Kashiram, who told them about Addu’s life as a petty labourer, but couldn’t help them with his current location. (Watch as Megha comes to know of Addu’s hardships)

After some more enquiries, the family landed up at a hospital where Addu had been admitted after contracting pneumonia. Megha thought that the nurse would know where Addu went after nhis treatment, but instead got the shocking news that Addu had slipped into a coma at the hospital. (Watch Megha’s shock at the news here)

Mohan and Megha’s search has lead them to bad news. Will their hopes of being reunited with Addu be dashed? Or will they see a glimmer of hope?


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