Mohan colours Navika, saves Megha on Holi! Na Bole Tum-2 Weekly Recap 27th March-2nd April!
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This week in Na Bole Tum Na Maine Kuchh Kaha was filled with the colours of Holi. At the traditional burning of the ‘Holika’, Megha thought that Mohan was with her for the Pooja, but was disappointed when she realized that it was just her imagination.(Watch the moment here) Later, she promised Rimjhim that she would play Holi with her the next day. 

Beera emotionally blackmailed Navika into planning a Holi celebration by saying that he missed his family, and then asked Tanu to mix ‘bhaang’ in everyone’s thandai. Munna swore on the burning Holika that he would destroy Mohan Bhatnagar’s life. 

The next day, the Holi celebrations started in full swing, where Munna and Tanu tricked Renu into drinking bhang, after which she got Tanu and Aarti married. (Watch the funny moment here)

After this, it was time for Navika to get high, which made her climb atop a building and throw a tantrum that she would not come down till Mohan coloured her first. (Watch Navika's tantrum here)

Mohan came to the Juna Mohalla and heard out what Navika had to say and finally the Spiderman- Chawanni duo applied colour to each other and made up after 12 years! (Watch the touching moment here!

While Navika and Mohan were clearing out their misunderstandings, Megha reached Rimjhim’s place and was shocked to see Guru there. She was shattered when Guru lied to her that Mohan had remarried and Rimjhim was his daughter from his second marriage. (Watch Megha’s disbelief here)

Megha fainted when she was attacked with water by Munna as he was angry about her celebrating Holi. But Mohan took her home and cared for her till she regained consciousness. (Watch the tender moment here)

Renu spoiled the moment by telling Megha about Mohan colouring Navika, and when Navika tried to defend Mohan, Megha was in no mood to listen and instead slapped her! (Watch Megha’s frustration here)

Mohan consoled Navika and left from Vyas house. But both Megha and Mohan couldn’t stop thinking about each other. Megha later told Jiji about Mohan’s second marriage and broke down in front of her. 

Rimjhim locked herself in her room and refused to eat anything as she was depressed about Megha not coming to play Holi with her. She also fell ill, after which Mohan promised that he would bring her dance teacher the next day. But when he reached the school the next day, he was shocked to find that Megha was the dance teacher. (Watch their confrontation here)

Now that Mohan and Megha’s paths have crossed again because of Rimjhim, will they come closer due to her? Or will Guru’s lie about Mohan’s marriage distance Megha from Mohan further? 


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