Mohan finally wins over Addu! Na Bole Tum Weekly Recap 15th-21st May
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Navika thanked Mohan for bringing back Addu, and when Addu refused to open up to her or Megha, she set up a small skit to remind Addu of his old days, which he enjoyed. But Addu’s happiness vanished as he saw Mohan’s reflection in the mirror and attacked him. (Watch as Addu shows his hatred for Mohan)

Mohan and Megha sadly realized that they could not be reunited as Addu couldn’t stand Mohan, but Megha promised that she would make him better, which Renu was skeptical about.

Megha promised Mohan that when Addu was better, they would live together. The next morning, Addu accidentally dipped his hand in hot water, leading to a lot of chaos in the house. But Beera managed to cheer him up, which impressed Navika no end. (Watch as Beera helps Addu forget his pain)

Mohan met Megha at the temple and expressed his doubts about Addu’s memory as he had seen sketches of the whole family on the asylum walls, and Megha reassured him that he would get better with time. (Watch Mohan and Megha’s sweet meeting here)

During Renu’s bag exhibition, the neighbours started harassing Addu by asking him questions about Mohan, causing him to attack them. Navika and Megha defended Addu and told the women off, but Addu had disappeared till then, which lead to a panic-stricken search for him. (Click here to watch the whole family look for Addu)

On Mohan’s advice, Megha checked under the bed, where she finally found Addu. After coaxing him to come out, Megha punished him by making him call her ‘Maa’, which he did. (Watch as Megha and Addu bond)

The next day, the family started a fun game of cricket, in the hopes that Addu’s favorite game would lure him out. Mohan watched from the sidelines as Addu finally joined the game with Megha. But this happy spell was broken as Addu attacked Mohan as soon as he saw him, which prompted Renu to call the police and the asylum authorities! A scared Addu cowered behind Megha, as Megha tried to convince the police not to take Addu away from her. Mohan and Beera stepped in at that moment, and refused to let Addu be taken away, and finally succeeded in changing the crowd’s heart. (Watch as Mohan confronts the authorities)

A relieved Addu went upto Mohan and hugged him tightly, and Megha and Navika completed the happy family picture. (Watch the moment here)

Beera got a bouquet from a mystery woman after the match, which made Navika jealous. The next day, Mohan took Addu to office and thanked his team for reuniting him with his son, after which father-son spent some quality time in his cabin. Munna called Mohan and congratulated him on finally being accepted by Addu.

The Bhatnagar family seems to have finally found their happiness with Addu. But is this truly a happy ending, or the calm before a storm?

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