Mohan meets Megha, breaks all ties with her! Na Bole Tum-2 Weekly Recap 13th-19th March
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After Beera’s questioning last week, Megha was left wondering about the truth behind Addu’s kidnapping. Even when she went to the bank to close her joint account with Mohan, she couldn’t bring herself to sign the affidavit that said that she had no relation to Mohan. Mohan noticed Megha when he came to the bank and followed her outside, only to see her fallen on the ground in the middle of a Shivratri procession. He saved her from the crowd, and finally the much awaited Mohan-Megha reunion happened! (Watch the reunion here!)

But this happiness was short-lived as a heartbroken Megha told Mohan that he had broken her trust once again by not finding Addu, and left him. (Watch the emotional scene here)

Back home, Megha remembered Mohan mentioning that he had met Navika, and confronted her over it. When Navika confessed that she was trying to protect her, Megha said that since she had no relation with Mohan, she wasn’t affected by him (Watch the confrontation here)

Moved by her mother’s tears, Navika angrily asked him to leave them alone. Mohan, tired of the accusations leveled against him, showed her the evidence of what he had done to find Addu, and told her that he was breaking all ties with her and Megha. (Watch this powerful scene here)

A depressed Mohan got drunk after this conversation and told Beera the story of Addu’s disappearance, and confessed that he felt like a failure for disappointing everyone. (Watch as Mohan narrates his story)

On the other hand, Munna sneaked into the Awaaz India office and burnt all the papers related to Project Talaash, along with the photo and file related to Addu. 

When a drunk Mohan staggered home with Beera, Rimjhim was scared to see him in that condition, and promptly called Megha, who helped her in taking care of him. (Watch this touching moment here)

This gave Rimjhim the idea of getting a new mother for herself, who could take care of their family.

Daddaji was unhappy on seeing Munna in Indore, and asked him to go back to Jhansi, but Munna vowed that he would not go before closing Mohan Bhatnagar’s chapter. (Watch Munna’s defiance here)

When Beera came back home, he taunted Navika about being Mohan’s step daughter repeatedly, and as a result got slapped by her! But undeterred, he told her that this frustration was the reason why Mohan had slapped Addu before his disappearance. (Watch as Navika realizes her mistake)

With Mohan giving up on his relation with Megha, will this spell the end of their story? Or will Beera’s efforts and Navika’s realization bring a change in their lives?

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