More troubles in store for Mohan and Megha
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  • September 14, 2012
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The first few days after a couple's wedding are supposed to be the happiest days in their life. But the newly married couple, Mohan and Megha, seem to be facing the toughest days of their life right after their wedding. And turns out, there is no end in sight for their troubles!

First there was the sword of Riddhima hanging from their heads, Addu's dislike towards Mohan and now Megha being disowned from the Vyas family. Mohan and Megha held each others' hands and faced all of these together. But now that all these problems seem to be clearing out, there will be another problem for this couple. And this time, it is a potentially fatal one!

Now all of you know that Riddhima has called Mohan and Megha to the women's cell to sort out their case. But turning the tables on her, Mohan and Megha will prove Riddhima wrong and win the case. While returning home victorious from the hearing, Mohan and Megha will get into a bike accident that leaves both of them grieviously injured.

We hear that Megha will bear most of the brunt of the accident, and will have to battle for her life at the hospital. But don't worry, she will survive the accident with Mohan by her side. But to know whether she can get completely better after this accident, you will have to stay tuned to the show. We just hope that Riddhima doesn't have anything to do with this nasty accident!

So keep your eyes open and your fingers crossed for this wonderful couple. We're sure that with Mohan by her side, Megha will overcome any problem that life throws at her.

Watch a sneak peek of the accident right here!

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