Munna makes a decision for Addu: Na Bole Tum Weekly Recap 1st-7th May
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With Beera deciding to leave the house, it was time for Navika to make a decision, and she cast aside her doubts to stop Beera. When Beera asked her if she was in love with him, she brushed him aside but asked him to stay back. (Watch as Navika convinces Beera)

The next morning, Megha saw the missing ad for Munna and Addu that Mohan had given out, and cheerfully went to school. There, she took responsibility of Rimjhim’s studies, and thanked Mohan for the ad. 

Mohan found a lead to Munna when a man informed him about Munna and Addu being a part of a pickpocketing racket. 

Munna got an urgent call after which he rushed to the asylum where he met his friend, who was throwing a fit after reading Mohan’s ad. Munna managed to calm him down but got angry when he saw that Ragini had followed him to the asylum. (Watch as Munna calms his friend down)

When Mohan dropped Megha at Vyas house, he was pulled into a game by the rest of the family, and Mohan and Megha had a lot of fun flirting with each other through songs and shayaris. (Watch as Mohan and Megha rekindle their love)

But when Beera and Navika were the only ones left, Renu made Beera reveal the name of the person he loved most, and after a lot of thought, he declared that he was in love with ‘Rabri’. 

Mohan got a call from Munna’s grandmother who enquired about Munna, and Mohan and Megha were hopeful that this would lead them to Addu. Navika, too, patched up with Beera after fighting with him for mentioning ‘Rabri’ during the game. (Watch as Beera finally gets rid of Navika’s doubts)

Munna dragged Ragini along with him to meet his friend at the asylum, and revealed to her that he was Addu, leaving her shocked. (Watch the moment here)

Mohan recorded the appeal of Munna’s grandmother, and when Ragini watched it on Awaaz India Live, she pleaded with Munna to go back to her and let Addu meet his family, for which Munna agreed. 

Mohan met Megha after she called him urgently, but it turned out that she needed his help to shop for Rimjhim and Navika for Mothers’ Day. Megha and Mohan, after a few hiccups, succeeded in buying gifts for both their daughters. (Watch Mohan and Megha’s shopping trip here)

But Navika and Rimjhim had some trouble with each other as they failed to agree on the topic of Megha’s Mothers’ Day surprise, but agreed to co-operate after Beera’s intervention. Munna met Addu after one of his violent fits and calmed him down, saying that he would do what’s best for him.

Mohan is on the verge of meeting Addu, Will this mean the return of happiness for the family? Or are there more surprises in store?

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