My kids shouldn’t watch The Late Night Show: Sumeet Raghavan
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  • May 10, 2012
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Sumeet Raghavan, the anchor of The Late Night Show, is irreverent and doesn’t think twice before taking on mighty personalities like politicians and Bollywood biggies in the show but he’s not as ‘bindaas’ when it comes to his personal matters. So much so, that Sumeet doesn’t encourage his kids to watch his show due to the content!


While he is comfortable with all the swear words and risqué content on the show, he does not want his kids to pick up things from the show. “The TV version of The Late Night Show is pretty toned down and the swear words are beeped. But if I’m watching the show with my family, my son, who is in the 10th standard, still understands them and glances at me, while I wordlessly wink at him”, reveals Sumeet.


We must say, that’s quite a liberal way of dealing with kids when it comes to swear words. Even if it is so, he keeps his kids away from the online version of the show, which is more umm..impolite. “Watching the internet version of The Late Night Show can definitely be injurious to kids’ health”, he laughs. But this concerned father has little to worry about. His kids are too busy with social networking sites and other pastimes to bother with the more mature ‘The Late Night Show’.


Hope Sumeet’s peace of mind lasts long so he can focus on anchoring the show.


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