My main focus is solely on my performance: Sai Jamshed
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They say talent has no age. You could be a 3 year old toddler and still be astonishingly talented. Just like last season where little Angshuman Nandi proved his talent at the young age of three, this year too we have a child prodigy in Sai Jamshed. 13-year old Sai is a pianist and in his audition,  he completely floored the judges with a flawless performance. So impressed were our trio of judges that they decided to award him with a Golden Buzzer! We got in touch with this child genius and asked him about his journey to the IGT stage. Have a look.
Q. When did you begin your training?

A. I always had an interest in singing and my teacher kind of suggested that I should take up schooling in music. This happened in 2011 and I was 10-years old then and that is where my journey in music began. 

Q. You come from a school of A R Rehman, does that add pressure on you?

A. Nothing like that. There are 400 other children studying in the same school and it is just like a regular institution. But yes, definitely we’re exposed to more opportunities and that is an advantage.

Q. Achieving fame and glory at such a young age, does it affect you in anyway? 

A. Actually it doesn’t bother me. My main focus is solely on my performance be it on stage, in front of a live audience or even in my own personal space like my room. 

Q. How was the experience of auditioning in IGT?

A. I totally enjoyed it. In such situations I usually don’t get nervous but rather feel excited. Same thing happened when I was auditioning in IGT in front of the judges. 

Q. Did you expect the Golden Buzzer?

A. The Golden Buzzer moment completely took me by surprise. I was elated and naturally my mother was proud to see me being praised.


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