Mystery man in Megha’s life revealed!
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So, we had told you on June 13th that there is going to be a new twist in Na Bole Tum Na Maine Kuchh Kaha in the form of a new entry. But now we can confirm the fact that indeed, a new character will be seen on the show in the June 15th episode. 
The new entry on the show will be Manav, Renu Vyas's cousin who will come to stay at Vyas House for a while. The character of Manav is that of an NRI doctor who comes to India to deliver a lecture in a university. Tired of staying in a hotel, he will readily accept the offer of staying at Vyas house. This development will definitely be another obstacle in Mohan's quest to get married to Megha.
The actor who will make this appearance in Na Bole Tum Na Maine Kuchh Kaha is Khalid Siddiqui, a known face in the ad circuit. A veteran of 19 years, he has done ads for numerous brands and has also appeared in movies like Joggers Park. When asked why he made the shift from ads to a television show, Khalid said, “Ads are a different ball game altogether. You do an ad for 1 or two days and forget about it. While doing a daily show, the unit and actors become like a family. I'm especially excited about working with Anjan Srivastava, who is a respected and veteran actor.” 
The actor recently shot for his first scene for the show with the other characters on the show. We can tell you that Kunal and Manav's first encounter is pretty interesting and will be a sign of things to come. He also had a warning for Mohan and Megha- “Be very scared of me,” he said.
Cezzanne Khan was first approached for the role of Manav, but he refused. Cezzanne's loss was Khalid's gain and he has stepped into the shoes of the other man in Megha's life. Akanksha Singh, who plays Megha, also said that she was looking forward to Khalid's entry on the show. Akanksha said, “I'm excited about the new entry on our show and I'm sure viewers will also like the new turn that the show has taken. 
So Khalid, a.k.a Manav is all set to plunge into the already popular Na Bole Tum Na Maine Kuchh Kaha. All that remains to be seen is whether the audience will this new member on the show. Guess you'll have to watch the show to decide!


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