Na Bole Tum… gets a fairy tale ending!
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One of your most loved shows, Na Bole Tum Na Maine Kuchh Kaha, is all set to have a very happy ending. And we are not talking about the decision to extend its run to Season 2. We are talking about an on screen happy ending!

Na Bole Tum…goes off air on the 5th of October. We have seen Mohan and Megha's journey for many months, going from young love to a happily married couple. We have also seen Megha and Mohan challenge fate after their accident and the whole family rallying around the much-in-love couple. Everybody watching the show must be hoping that Megha and Mohan get rid of the shadow of obstacles and live a happy life that they very well deserve.

Well, this wish is about to be completed, with the help of Bappa's blessings. Tbe show will end on a very happy note, with the Bhatnagars and the Vyas family coming together and the promise of a great future. This is how the events will unfold. The Juna Mohalla will see the arrival of Ganpati bappa and the whoe family will gather around to be blessed by Him. Everyone has just one prayer on their lips, that Megha gets better soon. But just then, a mystery man will make an attempt on Mohan's life by making a huge lamp fall on Mohan's head. And since everyone is busy in Ganpati's aarti, no one will notice that Mohan is a few minutes away from tragedy.

Are you on the edge of your seats yet? We can't tell you who this mystery man is who is trying to harm Mohan, but we can tell you that Mohan will not be injured, not too much atleast. Let us give you a hint. Remember the time when Mohan went to the dargah and got some spiritual advice about his love? Yes, the last step in the 'ladder of love' (sorry, there is no other way of putting it) is 'Fanaa' or death. 

That's all that we are willing to say right now. But do watch the last episode of Na Bole Tum Na Maine Kuchh Kaha on 5th October, because you won't be able to see Mohan and Megha in action for the next three months.

So you can be assured that Mohan and Megha will leave their chequered past behind, and will make a fresh beginning towards the happiness that they deserve. As admirers of the show, what more can we wish for?


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