Navika and Beera get engaged: Na Bole Tum-2 Recap 5th-11th June
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After being released because of lack of evidence, Daddaji came to the Awaaz India office to threaten Mohan, but was driven away by him, with even Beera shocking him with the news of his wedding with Navika. (Watch as Daddaji is outnumbered)

When the wedding cards came, Beera asked for just one card, to offer God. Munna met Daddaji and clarified about his involvement with Mohan, and while he was leaving, spotted Beera coming towards Daddaji’s house. Daddaji was livid when he saw Beera, but Beera revealed his plan of fooling Navika into marrying him to avenge Daddaji’s humiliation. (Watch Beera reveal his evil intentions here)

On the other hand, Mohan invited Ragini for the wedding, claiming that Beera was a changed man and would like her to attend the wedding. 

When the lab reports of Munna’s blood came, Mohan came to know that Munna was the one who attacked Addu. But when Guru pointed out that his blood group matched with the old Addu, Mohan realized that Munna was the real Addu! (Click here to watch Mohan’s realization)

To confirm his suspicion, Mohan sent the old Addu’s photo to a sketch artist to determine how he would look in the present.

Megha and Navika came to Mohan’s house to prepare for the wedding, where the family spent some precious moments together, and Mohan promised that Navika’s wedding would be the grandest ever. (Watch as Mohan and Megha spend time with Navika)

Munna was angry to see Beera siding with Daddaji, but still vowed to get Beera and Navika married. 

Navika also decided that even Megha would start her new life with Mohan after Navika’s wedding, and Mohan and Megha agreed. When Mohan got the sketch of the grown up Addu, he was devastated to find out that it was Munna. He also showed Munna’s grandmother’s video to Addu, and when Addu began crying on seeing her, his suspicions were confirmed. 

The wedding preparations were on in full swing in both the houses, and Mohan bought loads of jewellery for Navika, insisting that there should be nothing lacking in the wedding. When Megha scolded him, he gifted her a necklace, and insisted that she kept it. (Watch the romantic moment here)

Mohan then went to Munna’s place to invite him for Navika’s wedding, and told him how her happiness was incomplete without her brother and asked him to come to fulfil the rituals. (Watch as Mohan talks to Munna)

On the day of the engagement, Daddaji’s henchmen came with ‘shagun’ for Navika, but Mohan rejected it, making it clear that they did not want to have to do anything with Daddaji, with Beera pretending to support him. 

Ragini came to the engagement with the bouquet that Munna had given her for Navika. Just before the ceremony, Beera got a call from Daddaji who asked him to call off the engagement, but Beera refused, which Mohan heard.

 Navika and Beera finally got engaged, but Beera had gotten a ring too small, which made Mohan suspect his intentions. The situation was rescued by Ragini, who gave Beera their mother’s ring. (Watch the engagement here)

Mohan confronted Beera about the ring, and warned him not to sail in two boats at the same time, and asked him to call off the wedding if he was not sure about leaving Daddaji. But Navika and Beera managed to convince him, and Mohan finally believed Beera. (Watch as Navika convinced Mohan)

Megha apologized to Mohan for interrupting him during his confrontation with Beera, and the couple had a cute moment as Megha realized that Mohan was faking his anger. (Watch the cute moment here

The next day, Munna came to Mohan’s house, where Mohan invited him to Navika’s wedding after giving him a warm hug, which surprised Munna.

With Munna and Beera both pitted against the Bhatnagar family, will the wedding turn out to be a life changing event for the family?

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