Navika turns stuntwoman for Beera!
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You might have heard the phrase ‘Love is Blind’ and also dismissed it as a cliché. But an upcoming sequence in ‘Na Bole Tum Na Maine Kuch Kaha-2’ will make you believe in this phrase all over again. Because Navika will be seen using this very funda to prove her love for Beera!

Navika surprised Beera and the audience when she uncharacteristically confessed her love for Beera. This outburst of love failed to have the desired effect as Beera rejected her love and left Navika heartbroken. Sigh. But as we know, Nanhi is not the kind to give up easily. And so, to prove her love for Beera, she will ride a bike through the narrow bylanes of Bhopal. And the most important detail is, that she will be blindfolded while doing the stunt!

If you remember, Beera had pulled a similar stunt during their ride to Daddaji’s house where Beera rode into the oncoming traffic blindfolded to prove his trust for Navika. But the tides have turned and how. When Navika confessed her love for him, he raised his hand on her, and when Navika flinched, he declared that Navika didn’t trust him at all. Well, big mistake, Beera. Navika, in a bid to prove her trust for Beera, will undertake the daring stunt and race her bike blindfolded. And Beera, though shocked at first about this daredevilry, will save Navika from hurting herself seriously. Phew!

Talking about this daring sequence, Jayashree (Navika) says, “It was a great sequence, very different from what I have been shooting regularly. After the terrace sequence during Holi, this is my first stunt. I was a little apprehensive about hurting somebody, but thankfully everything went well.”

To employ another cliché, ‘All is fair in love and war’, in this case, even recklessness. Jayashree came out of this stunt unscathed, and hopes that the audience likes this sequence. As for what happens between Beera and Navika after this scene, we’ll let you watch that on the show!

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