Navika’s life in danger over Daddaji’s sting operation! Weekly Recap 13th-19th February
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Last week, Navika and Beera set off for Rewa on his bike to interview Daddaji. During the ride, Navika challenged Beera’s trust, and in a bid to prove her wrong, he gave her a rather dangerous demonstration by riding with his eyes closed! Once they reached Rewa, Navika was introduced to Ragini and Daddaji, and both of them expressed their suspicions about her intentions to Beera. Back in Indore, Rimjhim and Megha clashed again when Megha threw her out of the class for her behaviour. But Megha later assured Mohan on messages that she would prepare Rimjhim for the annual function.

Rimjhim was teased again about her unhealthy lunchbox by her class mates, so she decided to ask Guru to pack her a healthy lunch from the next day. In Rewa, Navika started her sting operation, and captured the wrongdoings going on behind Daddaji’s sober façade. Beera gave another glimpse into his craziness when he asked one of Daddaji’s henchmen to drink ‘chhaas’ laced with pesticide, to prove their loyalty. But Navika stopped him in the nick of time, and questioned Beera about following Daddaji out of fear and not respect. In the Awaaz India office, some goons threatened Mohan that they would burn down the office if ‘Project Talaash’ wasn’t aborted. But he in turn scared the goons away and congratulated his team about being on the right track. (Watch the dramatic confrontation here)

When Anupama got Navika to check out a lead on Shekhar Sharma in Rewa, Mohan was upset as he thought that Navika could be in danger because of her daring sting operation on Daddaji. And his words came true as Navika barely escaped being caught as she was recording Daddaji’s illegal claims.

The next day, Tanu went to meet Aarti’s father but was dragged out by Renu, who insulted Aarti about her looks, which left her fuming. Beera took Navika to Daddaji’s fake orphanage, where Navika met Shekhar Sharma, who was the first link in ‘Project Talaash’.In Rimjhim’s school, she was very happy as she got a huge lunch box, which she assumed was from Guru, and shared it with her class mates.

But when she came to know that Megha had given her the tiffin, she returned it and lied that her mother gave her only what she liked. In Rewa, Navika found out about the computer which had all records of Daddaji’s illegal activities. So while Beera was busy building fantasies around Navika during the party, she sneaked into Daddaji’s room and copied the damning files. Mohan and Megha also called her, asking her to leave from there.Unfortunately, Ragini discovered that Navika was missing and Daddaji’s men started looking for her, ultimately catching her red handed in front of the computer.

Navika seems to have gotten herself in a spot with this risky sting operation. Now it remains to be seen how she gets herself out of this sticky situation. 

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