New start for Saumya?
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  • May 1, 2018
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In this week’s episode, Harman starts playing the dhol to draw Saumya’s attention. Just when Sameer and Saumya are passing by, Harman’s dhol breaks making it impossible for Saumya to hear anything. Jasleen on the other hand is seen enquiring about Saumya everywhere. In an upcoming sequence, she is seen going to a temple to seek blessings for Sameer’s shop. At the same time, Harman and Jasleen visit Sameer’s shop to ask if they have seen Saumya around. Will Sameer reveal the truth?




Saumya decides to sell toys by going on streets with Sameer. Sameer has now started trusting her and even leaves the shop keys with her before leaving for home. In Saumya’s search, Mallika and Chameli reach near Sameer’s shop. When Saumya sees them coming, she shuts the shutter immediately and over hears Mallika and Chameli discussions about missing her! Will Saumya meet Mallika and Chameli?


Stay tuned to know what happens.


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