No Smoking!
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  • May 19, 2012
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No, we are not talking about the movie, but the signboard that catches all your attention at the entrance of Klick Nixxon studio where Colors’s popular show, Parichay is shot. According to that sign board, even mobile phones and outside food is strictly prohibited inside the studio, and the rule remains unchanged for everyone. 

But, before you jump to any conclusion and start pitying the poor actors who work day and night, hang on! When we spoke to the security personnel, he clarified that there are two buildings assigned for the show in the studio; one, where the set is and the other where the make-up rooms are. According to the rules, the food is served on the sets and is eaten in the other building. 


Why so? Well, it so happened that few days back a little fire broke out on the sets of the show. Although, no one got hurt or injured, they have prohibited outside objects inside the studio. 

Some serious security concerns for our TV stars we must say! 

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