Nomination Special: takes contestants on a harsh coffee date
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‘BIGG BOSS’, known for its unpredictable twists, drops a shocking announcement on the contestants after the house reels from Sunny Arya’s unexpected exit. The master of the house points out that the entire mohalla is stuck in a loop and he’s about to shatter it. He declares a complete shutdown of the makaans of Dil, Dimaag and Dum. It’s time for all the housemates to relocate and bunk down in the chowk, along with Abhishek Kumar. It seems the game just turned real, and as the news sinks in, chaos erupts in the house.

Contestants, now deprived of the comfort of their private spaces, scramble in panic to ensure that their personal belongings and secret stashes of ration are brought to the chowk. It’s a race against time, and the drama unfolds as sleeping bags are promised to the contestants, perhaps a small consolation for the impending chaos. The chowk that echoes with strategy planning and clandestine conversations, is now transforming into a makeshift bedroom for the housemates. The urgency in the air is palpable as the chowk becomes a levelling ground where alliances will be tested, and secrets will be laid bare. What’s in store for the contestants with the chowk becoming the epicentre of their reality?

The viewers are about to be treated to the juiciest nomination drill yet in the mohalla! This week, ‘BIGG BOSS’ prepares a sensational twist – a rendezvous in the BIGG BOSS Coffee Shop. All the contestants are ushered into this chic, faux café within the confines of the house. However, this is no ordinary coffee date. Here’s the kicker – each contestant has a cup of coffee in hand, but it’s not for sipping. It’s ammunition for their nomination! The rules for each housemate are crystal clear: throw the coffee straight into the face of the contestant they wish to nominate for eviction. It’s a game of strategy, revenge, and survival in this caffeinated battleground. The reasons for nomination range from having a weak game, lack of involvement in the house, failing to keep one’s aggression in check, poking one’s nose in every spat and soured relationships. Sparking a storm of accusations and emotions, each splash of coffee becomes a statement, a moment that could change the trajectory of the game and relationships within the house. From heated confrontations to explanations, the coffee shop is a hotbed of egos and alliances, all set to be scalding for a few contestants and comforting for the rest of the house. As drama brews to a boiling point, who will stand nominated for eviction this week?

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