On screen and off screen drama in Chhal
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Phew! The twists and turns that Chhal has taken in the past few weeks have left us breathless and asking for more at the same time. Aditi is determined to get Kabir to confess the truth and Ranveer and Bhanu mama are plotting their own strategies to expose Neha…rather, Aditi. But the deception doesn't end here. Viewers of the show need to brace themselves for a new entry on the show, and no points for 

guessing, he is a bad guy.
The audience will remember that Ija got a flashback of a prisoner in jail and got disturbed. This 

prisoner is Abhinav, Kabir's brother, who is currently in jail on murder charges. He has gotten out of jail and back into the Jaiswal mansion where he will make Aditi's life difficult. Abhinav's character is an out and out negative character with no redeeming qualities.
This wicked character is being essayed by the versatile Aamir Dalvi. Aamir is no stranger to different 

roles so we're guessing we can expect a lot of fireworks from him in this dark character too.

But just as Chhal has many on screen twists and turns, it also has a lot of drama behind the scenes too. 

The role of Abhinav was to be played by Dakssh Ajit Singh in the beginning. Not only that, but he also 

shot for the initial scenes. Inspite of this, he was unceremoniously dumped from the show after a couple 

of days. And we are told that this exit was courtesy his unreasonable demands and tantrums which reached a peak when he stormed off the sets during a shoot. But since no one is indispensible in the television industry, he was promptly replaced by Aamir. 
So the Jaiswal family is all excited to welcome Abhinav into their family. We hope that his entry brings in loads of surprises and helps us solve the many mysteries that surround the show.




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