Our advice for Gautam is to maintain distance: Mohit and Anurag Gulati
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He is the star of the show and there’s no denying his popularity. Gautam has always been the limelight of the Bigg Boss house mainly due to his 8-pack abs, his mischievous smile and his ‘chaudh mein karunga’ attitude. But recent situations have certainly put the actor in a tight spot when Diandra openly kissed him proving her carefree attitude. We got in touch with Gautam’s mother, Mrs. Anurag Gulati and she shared with us some heartfelt revelations.

Q. Diandra and Gautam seem to be going strong in the show. Do you approve of the relationship?

Not at all. I think it’s all a part of the game and my son only considers her as a friend, nothing more. I actually don’t even want to talk about her and I reserve my comments.

Q. Do you think Puneet is trying to manipulate Gautam?

There’s no question of manipulation. He treats him with respect and Puneetji does the same in return. My son has always treated everyone nicely in the house, he has never spoken badly about anyone. I would really like to talk to my son once and advise him to be careful. 

As she spoke to us Mrs. Gulati broke down in tears and the conversation was further carried on with Gautam’s brother, Mohit Gulati.

Resuming the previous answer…

Everyone says Puneet manipulates Gautam and he follows everything he says, what about all those times when Gautam hasn’t listened to Puneet? Like for example in the captaincy task Puneet advised Gautam to open Sonali’s bottle but he did what he wanted to and opened Karishma’s bottle. He didn’t listen to Puneetji then. So many times Gautam has been advised to patch up with Pritam or Praneet but he always maintains that he will not talk to them because he hasn’t done any wrong. If Gautam shows respect for a man in the house what is wrong in that? He calls him ‘Sir’ but that doesn’t mean he started to treat him like a father and calling him ‘Papa, Papa’. Even in case of Pritam he treats him like a brother but doesn’t mean he’s given him my position in his life. It is in Gautam’s nature to be nice to everyone and he’s just doing that.

Q. If we were to ask you about Diandra and Gautam’s relationship…

Has Gautam ever said he’s in ‘love’ with Diandra? He has always maintained that they’re good friends and he also treats her like one. In Mumbai, Gautam lives alone and he has 50 friends that he talks to but in actual there’s only one person who’s close to him. With Diandra too he’s being a good friend and so many times he has tried to tell her that they need to think about people watching them on TV. Being a guy there will be no allegations on him but Diandra needs to think about herself, her image. From the beginning she has been so against him and is now getting close, there might be a chance she’s just faking it to be in the game. Every weekend the housemates get to know about Gautam’s popularity and she’s just trying to take advantage. I can clearly state that today some of Gautam’s fans have stopped supporting him and the reason for the decline is Diandra. 

Q. If you get a chance to advice Gautam what would you say?

My only advice to my brother is to maintain distance, not only with Diandra but with everyone in the house including Puneet. I’m not saying break off with Diandra, she’s a good friend but to make it clear that there’s nothing more that can happen. My biggest concern is that in all the situations Gautam isn’t the one who’s ‘doing’ something but he’s letting things happen to him. I would like to advice him not to let that happen. When our mother met him in the house they got so emotional that she couldn’t tell him many things, couldn’t inform him about what’s happening outside and we’re hoping we get another chance. Even if we could just handover a letter to him would be great.

Q. What’s your opinion on the breakup of P3G?

It is very good that Puneet and Gautam are playing alone now. Initially Pritam and Gautam were considered to be top contestants and today see where Pritam is. And it’s his own doing. The only thing he has to offer is entertainment and that also isn’t interesting anymore. Gautam, on the other hand, does everything perfectly in terms of the game. He plays fair, he does all the house work, he plays well in task and he’s popular among girls for a good reason. If his fan following goes down by 20% because of Diandra, in comparison Pritam has gone down way below. 

In case of Puneet too despite the backbiting and btiching, the two share mutual respect for each other and somewhere I feel Puneet feels guilty that Gautam has always stood by him despite all odds. Even when Puneet has said things against Gautam or when he hit him in a task, Gautam cried bitterly when Puneet got evicted earlier. That shows how much he loves the man.  

Q. Do you think Sonali would be a better choice for Gautam?

The two people who are very different in the house from everyone else is Gautam and Sonali. She truly doesn’t care of what people are saying about her and neither does he. But Sonali doesn’t contribute anything to the house. She has many times tried to tell Gautam about her feelings but then the next moment she will either reply to him rudely or she shrugs him off. So you can never say  if Sonali is even interested! 

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