Pabboo is not happy with Madhu #Madhubala 21st September
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Pabboo sees Deepali's dance that she performed in the audition, Deepali tries telling sikki to shut it off but he dindn't realise. Pabboo fumers in angerand calls Radha and shows it to her and asks her whether this is what she has thought of Madhu and Deepali She complains that one performes wearing such clothes and then other one doesnt realise the importance of pooja and leaves it to go to set. While all this happens RK, Madhu and Bittooji enters.Looking at happy face of RK Pabboo mellows down.Rk is very happy as he got his loan approved from bank and he thanks Pabboo as he feels she is thelucky charm. He praises Madhu to be her support but Pabboo doesn't look impressed with Madhu as she is disappointed with her as she left pooja. Meanwhile Kuku tells Amar about the loan being passed.Rk shows madhu a tentative poster of his film and also the script written by Mehul,they rehearses the lines but Madhu doesn't like the script written by Mehul. Madhu goes to pabboo and she tells her that a women is married to a family and you are yet to prove that you are good bahu.

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