Parmeet finally calls up Bani, Bani: Ishq Da Kalma, Weekly review 16th Sept to 21st Sept
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The week starts with the call parmeet has made asking for the property papers, he even informs Bani not to tell anything about this to anyone. While Bani was going to get these papers, she bumps into Shum and Rajji who offer her to tag along. Rajji notices that the bike can only accomodate two people so she makes an excuse of some urgent work and allows Sohum and Bani to go ahead. Rajji returns back home alone and seeing this Bua gets furious.


Rajji back at home is planning to impress her husband with the candle light dinner, back in town Sohum and Bani are stuck as his bike breaks down. While Sohum gets his bike repaired, he and Bani have quiet a dinner at the dhaba on the other hand Rajji is eagerly waiting for her husband to be back home and acknowledge her surprise.Sohum finally reaches home after making sure Bani has reached her place safely. Rajji lightens up seeing this but by the time she sets up the dinner Sohum is asleep.


Parmeet calls up Bani to inform that he would be coming to take her home in next seven days. Bani is quiet excited and starts preparing for the D-day.She also decides to meet her husband in her 'shaadi ka joda' and gets on with all the preperations. 


Sohum's rude behavior towards Rajji breaks her down, and she has a heart to heart conversation with Simran. Seeing this Angad confronts Sohum and asks him to comfort Rajji and take him out for dinner. Rajji keeps her best foot forward and get ready to impress her husband. While at the dhaba Sohum confesses that he can never fall for Rajji, she in return says that it would make her happy if they are good friends indeed.


What will Sohum answer to this? Will Parmeet finally come back to take Bani?

Stay tuned to this space to know more!

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