Parmeet’s family approves of Bani #Weekly Update – 30th Apr to 6th May
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The week began with Desho announcing about Bani’s NRI rishta in Rajji’s shagun. Everyone is shocked to hear the news especially Sarabjeet who takes her in other room to talk. He shouts on her for rushing up things with Bani’s marriage and suggests Sohum’s name instead. Desho states he isn’t a NRI and Bani will only marry in a family that is settled abroad. Watch as Desho rejects Sohum.

Later in the night Desho refuses to eat and again Sarabjeet and her end up having an argument. Parmeet’s mother shows Bani’s photo to other family members and finally to Parmeet’s Dadaji. They all instantly like Bani and agree to meet her family soon. Watch the introduction of Parmeet’s family in this video.

Looking at her parents fighting, Bani feels guilty. She tries to make her father drink some milk but he refuses and asks her to not to bother about the argument. Next morning, Desho lies to Bani about eating. On hearing this, Bani feels happy and convinces Sarabjeet also to eat. Watch as Bani comes to know of Desho’s lie.

Bani’s family visits Rajji’s house for a ceremony. Desho insists on not eating and eventually she faints. Bani gets scared looking at her mother’s condition and begs her father to give in her mother’s demands.  Sarabjeet tries to talk some sense but Desho sticks to her demands. Watch as for Desho’s sake Sarabjeet gives in and agrees for the NRI rishta.

Desho calls Parmeet’s mother Manpreet and fixes up a day to meet. Simran and Angad also decide to go to Bani’s house and ask for Bani’s hand. All three families make preparations from their end and on the day of the meeting Simran and Angad reach Bani’s house surprising Desho. Watch this sequence right here.

Simran and Angad try to talk about Sohum and are about offer their proposal when Parmeet’s family also reaches Bani’s house. Desho welcomes them warmly and indirectly tells Sohum’s family that they are here to see Bani. Simran and Angad are shocked to hear this and wonder what will happen to Sohum. Watch as Sohum’s family is heartbroken to see the new development.

Will Sohum’s family manage to put in their proposal before its too late? Keep watching this space for more updates!

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